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Fresh Vegetables and Fruits

(Organic & Non-organic).

We as an exporter are major supplier, trader, wholesaler and exporter of red onion, pink onion, white onion, LasAlgaon onion, Nashik onion, Garwa onion, summer onion, fresh onion, organic onion, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, green capsicum, green grapes, Nashik grapes, black grapes, red flame grapes, fresh grapes, organic grapes, yellow grapes, red pomegranates, big pomegranates, organic pomegranates.

Export quality pomegranates, green tomato, yellow tomato, export quality tomato, fresh tomato, organic tomato animal feed maize, yellow maize, dry maize. Maize grain for animals, rice Basmati rice, non -Basmati rice, spices cardamom, Elaichi, green Elaichi, green cardamom, organic cardamom black pepper, green Chilll. fresh Chilll, organic Chilll, g4 Chilli, export quality Chilli , green lemon, fresh lemon, organic lemon, export quality lemon, yellow lemon, big size lemon and many.


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Fruits and Vegetables Powder

White onion powder, red onion powder, ginger powder, garlic powder, tomato powder, lemon powder, strawberry powder, banana powder, carrot powder, lychee powder, beet.

Root Powder, Mango Powder

Pomegranate powder, guava powder, pineapple powder, orange powder, papaya powder, mint powder, cream powder, coriander leaves powder, green chilli powder.

Dehydrated Flakes

White onion flakes, red onion flakes, garlic flakes, ginger flakes, potato flakes, carrot flakes, spring onion, green peas, green chilli, mint leaves

Apart from above we can provide the specific requirement of any other fruit and vegetable flakes as per customer requirement